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What You Should Know About Medicare Plans

What You Should Know About Medicare Plans

Medicare coverage can include a variety of options, including dental coverage. Medicare coverage is granted to individuals over the age of sixty five that have been United States citizens for at least five years. In order to avoid paying some premiums, they must have also contributed to payroll taxes for at least ten years. The amount of premiums for those that have contributed for less than ten years, will vary according  to the amount of time they did in fact contribute.
Medicare coverage may also be granted to some individuals that are below the age of sixty five. For example, those that are on permanent disability and receive social security payments are eligible for Medicare coverage.
Medicare plans are available for many types of services, including hospitalization , prescription and dental coverage. The selection of a Medicare plan may depend upon the types of services required, as well as any supplemental insurance an individual has. In fact, many Medicare beneficiaries also have a supplemental Medicare plan, which covers more services, as well as pays for additional co-payments.
In general, individuals enroll in the basic Medicare plan, unless they know ahead of time that they may require more coverage. In addition, individuals may change their Medicare plan during open enrollment which is held each year, if they are eligible for any other plans. In some cases, individuals may simply have to pay a premium to be in a higher Medicare plan.