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South Dakota Disability Benefits

South Dakota Disability Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions about South Dakota Disability Benefits

Do I qualify for South Dakota disability benefits? 

Roughly speaking, a person qualifies for South Dakota disability benefits if they are unable to find suitable employment. However, a clearer definition is often times needed. Thankfully, the state government has made public a step-by-step guide which will help you to determine if you  will qualify for South Dakota disability benefits. Just see if you can answer all of the following questions in the affirmative:

1. Are you earning less than $1,010 per month?

2. Is your condition considered severe, meaning that it interferes with basic work activities?

3. Is your condition either indicated on the following web database or of equivalent severity ?

4. Are you unable to work at your previously held job?

5. Are you unable to do any other type of work?

How do I apply for South Dakota disability benefits?

To apply for any South Dakota disability benefits, you will need to initiate the process with the Social Security Office. You can do this in person with a Claims Representative, of course, or you can also do it without leaving your home. Just call a Claims Representative at 800-772-1213 and they will send you on the forms you’ll need or apply on their website at www.ssa.gov/disability.

After you take these initial steps, the Social Security Office will send your forms to Disability Determination Services, where information about your medical and work histories will be gathered. A medical evaluation may be arranged to verify your current state, and the DDS will reach a decision concerning whether you qualify for South Dakota disability benefits. Whatever decision is reached, you will hear from the Social Security Office, not the South Dakota Disability Office.

Note that while Disability Determination Services is investigating your claim, they may interview you, your doctors and your co-workers to ask about your qualifications. However, they will never reveal your confidential medical information to others, nor will they ever be able to give you any information about the state of your South Dakota disability benefits.

What if my application is approved?

If your application for South Dakota disability benefits is approved, then you should be receiving disability payments for the sixth full month following your injury. Let’s say you were injured on January 3rd. The month of January, won’t count for the purpose of South Dakota disability benefits since it wasn’t a full month—you can only countdown starting from February, so your first payment will be for July. However, you won’t receive any payments at all until the following month, so August will be when you get your first check.

How much will my South Dakota disability benefits get me?

Your South Dakota disability benefits depend upon your average lifetime earnings. There are several calculators available online at the Social Security Administration website which can help you to estimate what your South Dakota disability benefits will be. Find them here.