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Missouri Disability Benefits

Missouri Disability Benefits

Like many other states, there are no direct MO disability benefits for residents, but determinations for federal disability benefits are made in state.  The Disability Determination Services will work with those that are disabled to determine their eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance.  Disability alone will not qualify an individual for Missouri disability benefits, as there are other considerations for financial status as well as the ability for the disabled individual to continue to live normally and hold gainful employment to support them.  It is for this reason that when trying to secure Missouri disability benefits through the federal government, you might need a Missouri disability benefit attorney to help argue your eligibility in a subsequent appeal.

How disability is determined for MO disability benefits?

There are a number of factors that determine eligibility and there are two phases to the process.  Before a case for Missouri disability benefits is referred to Missouri DDS, there is an initial determination to determine if the current financial status of the applicant makes them eligible for Missouri disability benefits.  If they pass the initial check, their health, ability to work, education and daily activity level will all be used to determine if the applicant can receive benefits.  This decision on Missouri disability benefit can be appealed and proceed to a bench hearing as needed, with the aid of a Missouri disability benefits attorney.

How can I be evaluated for MO disability benefits?

Contact the Missouri DDS for a location near you to begin the process to be evaluated for federal and Missouri disability benefit.  The central office is in Jefferson City, but there are a number of locations in cities across the state.  You will find the contact information, addresses and lists of DDS Offices at this link

Private MO disability benefits

There are additionally benefits to workers injured on the job.  Any disability and worker’s compensation plans offered by private plans are supplemental to SSD coverage and must be paid out if the employee is eligible.  In the event that private Missouri disability benefits are denied, the beneficiary has the ability to pursue civil action, with the assistance of a Missouri disability benefit attorney.

A number of companies and other employers are required to have worker’s compensation insurance, including Missouri disability benefit coverage for employees, with some exceptions for small employers and private contractors.  This mandatory coverage for MO disability benefits ensures that you can be assigned no fault compensation if you are injured on the job.

Federal benefits and MO disability benefits

In addition to social security disability, family members are entitled under the Family and Medical Leave Act to take time off from work to care for an injured or sick close relative.  Their position and employment are protected during that time the collect MO disability benefits.  Missouri disability benefits might also add supplemental benefits to the FMLA and you will need to check your employment contract to determine the extent of benefits for those who are hurt on the job as well as those who might be tasked with taking care of the disabled.

Insurance and other bad faith plans and Missouri disability benefit law

There is the chance that an individual might pay into a plan for Missouri disability benefit, only to have that plan refuse to pay out.  If you have a claim that is legitimate, with merit and covered by the provisions of the plan, this you might have a case for bad faith coverage.  When the plan refuses to pay on Missouri disability plan benefit, you will want to speak with a Missouri disability benefit attorney to learn more about your legal options and the grounds you might have to file suit for insurance bad faith.