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Youth Unemployment Explained

Youth Unemployment ExplainedTraditionally youth unemployment is at its lowest levels in the month of July. The reason there are traditionally the least unemployed workers in the youth unemployment market. Youth unemployment is classified as individuals between the ages of 16 and 24. Youth unemployment levels are affected by the large numbers of high school and college students who enter the job market between April and July of each year and take summer jobs during this time. 

The percentage of the youth population that is looking for jobs each year varies greatly in year over year comparisons; the highest percentage of the youth labor force that was looking for work was found in 1989, a peak of 77.5 percent. 

Youth unemployment and employment figures only account for the non-institutionalized members of this segment of the population as unemployed workers. 

In a year over year comparison of July 2010 youth unemployment figures to July 2009 youth unemployment figures, the number of unemployed workers rose slightly, to the highest youth unemployment figures on record since data has been accurately complies, since 1948. 

One complication in accurately determining the levels of youth unemployment that is not present when examining the volume of unemployed workers in other age brackets is the fact that individuals who are attending school are not included in the youth unemployment numbers.