Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits
Guide to Kentucky Unemployment Benefits
If you become unemployed through no fault of your own in the state of Kentucky, you may be eligible to receive KY unemployment benefits.  These benefits can help you to continue paying your bills while you look for work.  This guide will explain eligibility for Kentucky unemployment benefits, as well as the maximum benefit you can expect to receive.  You'll also learn what to do if your employer denies your claim for KY unemployment benefits.
Maximum and Minimum Benefits
Traditional Kentucky unemployment benefits are called Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or EUC.  According to current guidelines, the minimum a worker may receive in KY unemployment benefits is $39 a week, while the maximum is $415 a week.  Your Kentucky unemployment benefits will be based upon your salary while you were employed, as well as the duration of your employment.  
Who is Eligible for Kentucky Unemployment Benefits?
The only people who may claim KY unemployment benefits are those who are unemployed through no fault of their own.  If an employee is laid off or fired for reasons unrelated to employee misconduct, they may collect Kentucky unemployment benefits.  
Typically, an employee who quits a job will not be eligible for KY unemployment benefits, but in some cases, you may be able to collect benefits even if you quit.  If your employer made it impossible for you to continue working in your position by harassing or intimidating you, or by refusing to give you reasonable religious or disability accommodations, this is considered “constructive termination”--firing you without really firing you.  In these situations, you will still be entitled to Kentucky unemployment benefits.
How Long May I Claim Kentucky Unemployment Benefits?
The duration of your KY unemployment benefits will depend on when you became unemployed and whether you are able to find work.  If you refuse suitable employment, your Kentucky unemployment benefits may come to an end.  While federal extended benefits (EB) allowed Kentucky residents to collect unemployment for up to 99 weeks as recently as last year, Kentucky is no longer eligible for these benefits.  Currently, the maximum duration for KY unemployment benefits is 73 weeks.
Unemployment Appeals
When you initially apply for Kentucky unemployment benefits, there is a chance that your employer will allege your termination was for misconduct and refuse to give you benefits.  If you believe that this was not the case, you may file an appeal to receive your KY unemployment benefits.  In order to file an appeal, you will need to fill out paperwork and attend an appeals hearing.  
While many people see their appeals refused, the best way to get Kentucky unemployment benefits through an appeal is to hire a lawyer.  An unemployment attorney may be able to help you secure KY unemployment benefits with the appeals process and explain what to expect from an appeal.  It is important to get qualified legal advice if you plan to appeal or file a lawsuit for your benefits.




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