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Federal Agency Defined

Federal Agency Defined

Federal agencies are specific organizations within the overall federal government which are designed to deal with particular elements of the purpose of the federal government. =
At the current point in time, there are hundreds of these assorted federal agencies, covering any number of different purposes. For example, there is a federal agency named the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the purpose of which is to provide information and guidance regarding the historic preservation of important historic sites in America.
The Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, on the other hand, is a federal agency which is supposed to deal with the distribution and administration of the pension and welfare benefits mentioned in the agency’s title. The Transportation Security Administration, on the other hand, is an administration which is meant to focus on ensuring the security of forms of public transportation within America.
The different federal agencies all formed out of differing needs of the country as America progressed and changed. Most of these federal government agencies were formed as the result of the passing of a bill through Congress, and thus are funded via the federal budget, which means that the executive branch of government also likely has some say in the operation of these federal agencies.
These federal government agencies now form an integral part of the overall government of America, as they allow for the smooth operation of any number of important functions which are the responsibility of the federal government.



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