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SC Unemployment OfficeA state unemployment office in the state of South Carolina is administered by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Work Force. The SC Unemployment Office seeks to help people to obtain financial stability in the event they are unable to find reliable employment on a consistent basis. The SC unemployment office helps recipients move towards financial stability by providing unemployment benefits, job opportunities, and workforce services to individuals who are in need. 

In order to make it possible for the state unemployment office to provide these vital services, the SC unemployment office tracks trends and statistics throughout the state, in order to connect employers with job seekers. The state unemployment office fosters these connections in order to promote the development of a true spirit of productivity. 

The state unemployment office is a division of the South Carolina Commerce Work Force, one of the many divisions of the South Carolina government. 

As is the case for any state unemployment office, the SC unemployment office is very concerned with minimizing, preventing, and identifying unemployment insurance fraud. The SC unemployment office battles unemployment insurance fraud whether it is committed by individual or companies against the state unemployment insurance system. 

In addition to managing unemployment, a SC unemployment office also can work with other divisions of the South Carolina Department of Employment and Work Force to address other work based questions.