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PA Unemployment OfficeThe state unemployment office in Pennsylvania is a division of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry. The primary mission of the PA unemployment office is to provide the quality of life and economic security for Pennsylvania workers and businesses. The secondary mission of the PA unemployment office is to encourage labor management cooperation and prepare the workforce of the Commonwealth for the jobs of the future.

The benefits that are paid by the state unemployment office have been heavily affected by federal statutes and laws. President Barack Obama has signed into effect several laws which have extended to period of time through which benefits can be paid by the PA unemployment office. Many of these laws and benefits have been provided retroactively to allow claimants to obtain benefits that have lapsed and provide retroactive benefits in the event that benefits have stopped being paid simply because the law authorizing them reached the end of its authorization.

Many times, the PA unemployment office, as has been the case for a state unemployment office in almost any other state, has found that the rosters of individuals collecting unemployment benefits have swelled as federal bills have extended the period of time over which individuals can collect benefits.