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Early voting In NC

Early voting In NC

Early voting is a revolutionary way to cast a ballot for those American citizens that meet the age and citizenship requirements. Currently 31 states posses early voting booths that an allow an individual to vote on a chosen date, as oppose to the common restricted election date found in normal voting methods. North Carolina voting has been revolutionized since the inception of early voting; nearly 3 million voters decided to participate in the state’s early voting policy. 
NC early voting has gained in popularity since it was instituted in the 2004 National Presidential election. Like all early voting systems, NC early voting is established through each individual county. As a result, the requirements and time frames for a valid early vote is designated by the county’s district governments. That being said, the eligibility requirements for NC early voting are closely aligned to the broader federal requirements for legal voting.
North Carolina voting for both federal elections and local elections is permissible for all North Carolina citizens that meet the federal voting requirements. To vote in North Carolina an individual must register with their local state government. 
To meet eligibility requirements the individual must present the county’s office with a proof of citizenship as well as an identification form. If the individual is at least 18 years of age he or she is permitted to participate in both early voting and regular North Carolina voting procedures. NC early voting can be achieved through person, and in special cases, through mail. Regardless of the procedure, the increased availability and convenience of NC early voting has yielded a massive turnout at the polls. 



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