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VA Disability Rates

VA Disability Rates

Va disability rates play an important role in the amount of VA disability benefits a disabled veteran will be provided with. Veterans who suffer from disabilities are provided with VA disability benefits, just as civilian employees who become disabled are able to apply for social security disability benefits.
The VA disability rates will determine the amount of financial assistance that a veteran receives. Generally these rates change each year. VA disability rates increase as inflation increases. Therefore, it is possible for the disability rates to remain the same from one year to another. For example, the VA disability rates did not increase in 2010. The disability rate will also vary depending upon the severity of a veterans condition.
When a veteran becomes disabled his/her condition and dependency will be rated with a percent value, with 100% being complete disability. The more dependent a veteran is, or the more severe his/her condition is, the higher the VA disability benefits will be.
Va disability rates vary significantly. For example, an individual who is deemed to be only slightly dependent, receiving a 30% dependency rating, will be given roughly $375 every month. On the other hand, a veteran who is completely disabled can receive more than $3,000 each month in VA disability benefits. The amount of money that a disabled veteran receives will also be dependent upon the size of his/her family. If a veteran does not have a family to support, he/she will be provided with less money than if he/she is married.
Likewise, if he/she has both a spouse and parents, his/her VA disability benefits will increase. In the event that a disabled veteran has a spouse and children to support, he/she will receive more money than if he/she has a spouse and parents. It is important that an individual review VA disability rates when applying for this assistance. 



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