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Minimum Wage in Nebraska

Minimum Wage in Nebraska


Quick Guide to Minimum Wage in NE

Minimum Wage in Nebraska

There are multiple state and federal laws that apply to employees and minimum wages in Nebraska.  This article will discuss the different minimum wages in Nebraska according to state statutes and information under the state’s Department of Labor.  For more information about minimum wages in Nebraska and procedure, visit the link provided.

What is the Current Minimum Wage in Nebraska?

The current minimum wage in Nebraska is $7.25—the same as the federal minimum wage.  The minimum wage in NE for tipped employees is quite different.  A tipped employee may receive a minimum wage in NE of $2.13 as long as their weekly wages after tips account for equal or greater than minimum wage.  

There is also a “training” minimum wage in Nebraska.  Employees under the age of 20 may be paid 75% of minimum wages in Nebraska for the first 90 days of employment.  

What is the overtime minimum wage in NE?

If an employee has worked more than 40 hours during the workweek, an employer must pay an overtime minimum wage in NE of $10.88, and an employer may require mandatory overtime in Nebraska.  

What Employees are Exempt from Laws for Minimum Wages in Nebraska?

Certain employees are exempt from being paid minimum wage in NE.  The following document under the Nebraska DOL provides exemptions for certain employees and minimum wage in Nebraska: 

An employer may still choose to pay such employees minimum wage in NE, but the following employees are exempt:

• person employed in agriculture

• anyone employed as baby sitter in or about private home

• any person who is a bona fide executive, administrator, or other professional

• any person employed by the United States

• anyone employed in educational, charitable, religious, or nonprofit organization when the employer/employee relationship does not actually exist

• apprentices and learners except those exempt that require minimum wage in Nebraska

• veterans under the Department of Veterans Affairs

• a child under the employment of his or her parent

• any person directly or indirectly receiving federal, state, county, or local aid or welfare and who is physically disabled and employed in a program of rehabilitation

If you believe an employer has paid you an unfair minimum wage in NE, employees are first encouraged to try and settle the dispute with their employer.  If the dispute over minimum wages in Nebraska is not resolved, refer to the following section.  

Wage Claims for Unfair Minimum Wage in Nebraska

Any employee who has been paid an unfair minimum wage in Nebraska can bring a claim action against the employer though the Department of Labor, and wage claims for minimum wage in NE should be filed as soon as possible.  An employee can file a claim for minimum wages in Nebraska at the following link under the DOL and forms section: 

If an employee has violated laws for minimum wages in Nebraska and refuses to pay back wages, they can face serious penalties.