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Welfare Services Defined

Welfare Services Defined


The most common welfare definition describes welfare as being a government operated program, in which necessary services or financial funds are provided to citizens who require this assistance. There are many different types of welfare programs available through the government. For example, there are situations in which a corporation can receive welfare from the government.

Elderly and retired individuals may be permitted to receive social security benefits, in order to help them purchase necessities. Social security is a type of welfare. Financial aid is sometimes considered to be a welfare program. When an individual considers welfare programs, he/she is most commonly referring to social welfare. Social welfare programs provide essential financial funds to individuals who do not have an income.

If an individual has been laid off from his/her job, or if he/she elderly or disabled and is no longer able to work, he/she is not receiving the income that is necessary to support him/herself. An income is needed to purchase vital necessities, such as food and clothing. Therefore, the government will provide eligible individuals with a basic income. While an individual is employed, he/she pays social security taxes to the government.

The money that is acquired from these taxes is used to help support individuals who do not have access to an income. The theory behind welfare is that, if an individual pays social security taxes throughout his/her life to help support others, he/she will be able to benefit from social security when necessary. Individuals who lose their jobs may also qualify for social welfare, while they search for employment.