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CA Disability

In most instances, an individual who works for the state of California will experience the benefit of being covered by CA disability insurance. A portion of a state employee’s paycheck will be taken and used to purchase disability insurance. In the event that these individuals suffer from a debilitating illness or injury, they will be covered by disability insurance.
As a result, they will receive a disability income during the period that they are not able to work. However, if an individual is not employed by the state government, then he/she must purchase disability insurance independently. If an individual fails to purchase disability insurance and becomes disabled, he/she will not be granted a disability income from an insurance agency. However, depending upon his/her condition, an individual may be eligible to receive disability benefits.
If a resident of California is injured or acquires an illness, he/she may be eligible to receive CA disability benefits. The state of California is one of the few states within the United States that offers its residents temporary disability benefits. If an individual is suffering from a condition that prevents him/her from working for a few weeks, he/she may qualify for temporary disability benefits. A qualifying individual will be provided with a portion of his/her income while he/she is out of work, in order to help him/her address his/her financial responsibilities.
An individual who is permanently disabled or has a long term disability may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. This type of financial assistance will endure for an extended period of time, to help ensure that an individual receives the necessities and assistance that he/she requires.