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1911 Census

The 1911 census was carried out for the people then living in the various areas under the dominion of the United Kingdom. As such, the census of 1911 was fixed in that year according to the established practice of the U.K. government, as had begun carrying out censuses in the year 1801 and afterwards had carried out censuses after every ten-year interval.
At present, the documentation gathered through the 1911 census can be searched online, a service offered to people for research purposes such as into questions of genealogy. This website can be found at: https://www.1911census.co.uk/search/tnaform.aspx.  
In terms of its historical significance, the census of 1911 for the peoples of the United Kingdom bears importance beyond the basic utility and interest contained in the documents which it produced. In this respect, the census of 1911 is set apart in that the original documents through which it was compiled, the questionnaires handed out to all of the households falling under the census’s dominion, are still extant.
That being said, the present availability of 1911 census records, according to the stringent privacy laws in effect in the U.K., has occurred only within specified bounds, mostly including the mandated exclusion of certain details collected in the records and esteemed to be potentially embarrassing. In this way, any one member of the U.K. who happens to look into the census of 1911 will not be able to discern details of personal disability, identified according to contemporary practice with now-disparaging terms like “lunatic” and “dumb.”



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