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Louisiana Food Stamps

Louisiana Food Stamps


As the economy continues to suffer, many individuals and families are struggling with even purchasing necessities such as food. To quell this drastic problem, the Louisiana government has adopted a food stamp program for it's low-income and impoverished citizens. The Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is the official Louisiana Food Stamps program.

Every food stamp program is state-run, meaning each state has a unique set of requirements and rules regarding their application process and the amount of benefits received. The Louisiana Department of Children and Family services is the government agency responsible for administering food stamp applications in the state. To apply for this form of assistance in the state, an individual must first obtain a Louisiana food stamp application.

The first aspect of the Louisiana food stamp application requires the individual to evaluate their respective income. Louisiana Food stamps use a system that applies certain income limits that are dependent on the individual's household. The income limits are as follows: for 1 person it is $993 per month, for 2 people the max is 41,215, for 3 it is $1,526 and for a 4-person household the max income is $1,838. These numbers are based on the household's net income–the amount an individual pays after all taxes, debts, and bills.

Once income has been valuated, an individual must fill out a Louisiana food stamp application at their local food stamp office or online at DSS.LA.gov. Following a review of the application, the applicant will be required to partake in a phone interview to receive Louisiana food stamps benefits. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Louisiana lawyers.