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1871 Census

1871 Census

The 1871 census was carried out in the United Kingdom. In this regard, the 1871 census carried out by the UK government of the time collected data from the primary territories of England Wales, in addition to the smaller territories of islands in the Channel between England and France but in English possession, and the Isle of Man.
Unlike previous United Kingdom censuses which had been carried out in the country, the 1871 census did not include the UK’s then-political possessions of Scotland and Ireland, which were surveyed separately.
The date of the 1871 census is fixed as being that of April 2, and in particular during the evening of that point. The 1871 census was carried out by forms for “enumeration” being given to individuals and households a few days before the census was actually performed.
The 1871 census concentrated on households, recording such various facts pertaining to a residence as its location, all of the people resident within it, whether they employed others or were employed by others, and whether they had any of the adverse health conditions then recognized (such as being an “idiot,” “imbecile,” or “lunatic”).
Due to the high rate of illiteracy within the UK at the time that the 1871 census was carried out, government employees carrying out the survey typically assisted people who had difficulty with completing the survey forms. The original documentation produced by the 1871 census has not lasted into the present, but the compilations of information generated have, and are currently kept as microfilms.



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