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2010 Census

2010 Census

The US Census 2010 was carried out, under the Barack Obama Presidential administration, on April 1 of that year. As such, the Census 2010 results, upon their full tabulation and verification, will provide the national population numbers for the whole of the United States for the next ten years, until the 2020 census has been carried out.
As such, the US Census 2010 stands as the twenty-third example of such a procedure to have been carried out by the government of and for the interests of the United States. As with previous U.S. censuses, the Census 2010 effort was under the administrative purview of the department of the Census Bureau, and as such was, in this year, under the specific oversight of the then-holder of that office, Director Robert Groves.
The announced governmental intention behind the conducting of the US Census 2010 effort was to attain a higher degree of accuracy in the count. In this respect, the Census 2010 workforce was noted as manifesting an increase in personnel in comparison to the 2000 procedure. All in all, the US Census 2010 initiative made use of the services of some 635,000 employees just for the duration of the Census 2010 itself.
As such, the US Census 2010 was noted not simply as a step toward more accurate tabulation of the U.S. population, but also a boon, albeit a fleeting one, in the midst of a generally underperforming U.S. labor market. The first Census 2010 respondent was a Noorvik, Alaska-resident veteran of World War II, one Clifton Jackson.



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