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Civil Service Overview

Civil Service Overview


Civil Service Background

Civil service refers to any particular job or career that is in the service of a national or federal government. Employees of the government are often referred to as civil servants. The civil service is considered to be a highly competitive field, with applicants often required to be tested or examined and provide for certain qualifications in order to be considered for a position. 

History of the Civil Service

The United States Civil Service was established in 1872, and defined all jobs that were part of the United States Government would be considered as such, for the exception of the armed forces. However, there were important pieces of legislation to create the civil service as it is known today, such as the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883, making all civil service jobs to be appointed by a merit system. 

Civil Service Gateway

The Civil Service Gateway refers to an online application processing system for individuals that are interested in a career in the various civil service jobs. The Civil Service Gateway was implemented to provide for a more efficient and quick way to accept and process applications for civil service jobs. 

Civil Service System

The United States Civil Service System can be said to be categorized into jobs or positions that fall under either the Competitive service or the Excepted service. Most civil service jobs will fall under the Competitive service category, though those in the Excepted services will have the same merit bases system, but under their own criteria.