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What Are Government Programs

What Are Government Programs

Government programs are state funded or federally funded government subsets that provide individuals with a certain service. The service aims to better not only the individual it targets, but society as a whole.

Government programs, on both a local and federal level, provide benefits to low-income families through the vast resources at their disposal. Typically programs such as Food Stamp Programs, Medicaid, or Medicare are funded through tax payer dollars.
In essence, the money collected from the levy, is in some percentage redistributed in the form of federal government programs (and local government programs) to those individuals in need of a certain service. There are literally hundreds of established government programs in the United States. Although each government programs varies in their specific subject or targeted demographic, the goal is universal. 

Government programs became an essential function of the government shortly after the Great Depression. When Franklin Delanor Roosevelt signed the Great Deal, a number of federal government programs were instituted to ease the strain of a market collapse. The federal government invested its vast resources into these programs to build the country from within. Public projects offered more jobs to citizens, and other programs mitigated the collapse through government aid and benefits to those in need. 
Government programs are essential to organize public goods such as schools, the construction roads, law enforcement agencies, and benefits for the unemployed, disabled, impoverished, or elderly. Without both local and federal government programs a large portion of the society would fail in acquiring even the most basic forms of necessities.



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