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All You Need To Know About Congress

All You Need To Know About Congress

The United States Congress is a bicameral legislature that governs over the United States. Within Congress there are two separate bodies: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each body is made up of a number of elected officials who serve as the representative figures of their respective states or districts. 
The Senate is made up of 2 senators per every state in the United States. Each of these senators are an elected official from their respective states. All senators elected are given 6 year terms in which they serve in Congress. The senators can vote on bills and Constitutional amendments that are brought to the floor of congress. These votes often require a two-thirds majority from both sections of the Congressional body. 
The House of Representatives is the other section of the Congressional body. This is where elected officials are representative of specific districts within their respective states. Unlike the Senate, the House of Representatives are only allotted a 2 year term before re-election comes around. 
The Senate and the House of Representatives work together when it comes to passing Constitutional amendments and various other important pieces of legislature. In the instance of an amendment, both bodies have to have an affirmative two-thirds majority in order to have the amendment passed onto the state legislatures themselves. 
Besides being able to vote on bills, Congress has been given Congressional power through the Constitution to make decisions regarding the implementation of taxes, laws, military actions and various other decisions of importance for the United States. Congress is essentially the governing body which enforce the U.S. Constitution.



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