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Oregon State Unemployment

Oregon State Unemployment


The Oregon state unemployment rate has remained essentially unchanged over the six month period between March 2010 and August 2010. The Civilian Labor Force over that period varied from 1,954,000 thousand people to a height of 1,965,000 workers in May, before settling at 1,965,000 positions. The volume of employed individuals has remained consistently around 1,755,000 thousand individuals during this six month period. The number of unemployed people has also remained stable, hovering around 207,000 people. Due to the fact that the job market has remained stable, there has been little change in the Oregon state unemployment rate, which has been around 10.6 percent. This means that the Oregon state unemployment rate has been above the national unemployment rate over this six month period. 

There have been 155 instances of mass layoff across the 11 major job categories in Oregon State. Unemployment numbers from these layoffs have resulted in 17,018 people filing an initial claim to allow the collection of Oregon state unemployment benefits. 

Oregon state unemployment figures indicate that the vast majority of jobs in the state involve industries that are not farm jobs. There are nearly 1,600,000 jobs in the 11 non-farm job fields. These 11 categories of jobs are:

·Mining and logging



·Trade, Transportation and Utilities


·Financial Activities

·Professional and Business Services

·Education and Health Services

·Leisure and Hospitality

·Government Jobs

·and other services.

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