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Looking for a Phone Number? Check a Phone Directory!
When looking for a person’s phone number while only knowing a name, a phone directory is one of the most useful tools. Today’s technology provides online resources for such things. While a phone book can still be used to search for numbers locally, online white pages and phone directories are just as if not more convenient.
A search on a phone directory can be used to either find an individual or a business by name and general location. It is also possible to do a reverse phone number search on many of these phone directory websites, although often the full results are not given out for free. A reverse address look up is also possible.
Although it is very convenient to be able to find phone numbers easily through the internet via a phone directory, many people find themselves being very concerned about their information being readily available for anyone who chooses to search for it.
Most phone listing companies can remove information upon request. If doing this for a printed phone book, the removal does not take effect until the next edition of phone books. However, most online phone listings can quickly remove a residential or business phone listing upon request. Alternatively, some can provide the number only to those who are willing to pay for the information.
It is also possible to remove a number from the phone directory used by telemarketers. This is requesting to be placed on the National Do Not Call Registry. Once placed on the list, telemarketers will be unable to call after 31 days. This list is managed by the Federal Trade Commission in order to offer consumers an option regarding receiving telemarketing calls.
Registering for the National Do Not Call directory can be done for both personal land lines and cell phones. There is no limitation or deadline for registration. Registration can be done quickly online..
While the United States Government does not provide a mass phone directory for all citizens and residential numbers, many government agencies do have a phone directory to provide easy access to names and contact information to employees.
Some of the directories include the Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
These directories are also available for elected officials, state and territorial contact information, federal employees, military personnel, contacts for assistance for and American’s abroad.