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Florida Unemployment Compensation

Florida Unemployment CompensationIn the state of Florida, unemployment benefits are administered by the Agency for Workforce Innovation. The Florida Unemployment Compensation Program is one of the largest programs operated by the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. 

These Florida unemployment benefits provide temporary wage relief and replacement to individuals who no longer are employed in jobs that they have previously held through circumstances that have developed through no fault of their own. 

The Florida Unemployment Compensation Program is accessible in French, Italian, German, Servo Croatian, Bosnia, Haitian Creole, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, English and Spanish in order to allow individuals to obtain Florida Unemployment Benefits in which ever of these language which they are better capable to understand.

The Florida Unemployment Compensation program that administers Florida unemployment benefits is many things, but it is important to recognize what it is not. Florida Unemployment Benefits are not Social Security, are not an automatic entitlement, are not a loan, are not based on need, nor is it intended to fully replace previous income levels, nor is it funded by deductions taken from previously earned wages. 

However, the Unemployment Compensation program does provide temporary, partial wage replacement to unemployed individuals, support economic stability for employers who depend on consumer spending, is funded by federal and local taxes assessed to employers, and is free to workers who receive the benefits, although it is considered taxable income.