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VA Unemployment Benefits

VA Unemployment BenefitsIn the state of Virginia, VA unemployment benefits are managed by the Virginia Employment Commission. In addition to the handling of VA unemployment benefits, the Virginia Employment Commission is also responsible for providing job seeker services, employer service, labor market information, the Virginia Workforce Network, Employer Advisory Committees, and veteran service.

Many of the responsibilities of the Unemployment Insurance Services division of the Virginia Employment Commission can be handled, applied for, and obtained online. The most common online service provided by the Virginia Employment Commission that can be sought online is the application for VA unemployment benefits. When going online for VA unemployment benefits applications, a person can file a new claim for unemployment benefits, file a weekly request to be paid unemployment benefits, reopen an existing claim after a break in weekly payment requests has taken place, or apply to initiate an electronic payment method, such as a Debit Card or Direct Deposit. 

Besides visiting the Virginia Employment Commission website to apply for VA unemployment benefits, the website can also be used to obtain a copy of the Precedent Decision Manual that contains a variety of resources that an individual can make use of when submitting their application for VA unemployment benefits. 

The website can also be used to obtain Guidance Documents, a number of case decisions that the Virginia Employment Commission has identified as being frequently cited in its opinions.  These Guidance Documents are useful supplementary information that should be used with the Precedent Decision Manual.