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Louisiana Civil Service

The Louisiana Civil Service Department is overseen by the Louisiana Civil Service Commission. The Louisiana Civil Service Commission is comprised of a total of seven members which have the ultimate authority in regards to the administration of the state's civil service system.

The Commission is the organizational body in charge of reviewing and adjudicating all and any of the civil service regulations and statutes. The Louisiana Civil Service Commission is also charged with the task of dealing with all appeals, including both from the civil service employees and the agencies themselves. The Louisiana Civil Service Committee also holds monthly hearings and meetings, which are open to the public.

Of the seven members to the Commission, six are appointed by the Governor of the State of Louisiana. The seventh remaining member is elected by state employee peers. All members will have a six year term. When the governor appoints the seventh member to the Commission, he must chose from a list of three people that is compiled by the president from one of the state's major universities. 

The Louisiana State Civil Services Exam is administered by the Committee, providing for a variety of different tests for different careers and positions. The Louisiana Civil Service Department provides for sample tests of the various positions in civil service, which are available on the state's civil service website. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Louisiana lawyers.



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