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Minimum Wage in Arizona

Minimum Wage in Arizona

Effective Jan 1, 2012 the minimum wage in Arizona is $7.65 an hour and this represents an incremental rise the in wage from $7.25 in 2009 to the present.  Previously, it had been as low as $5.15/hr in 2006.  The federal minimum wage is set at $7.25/hr, which makes minimum wage in Arizona slightly higher than the national standard.  Note that the v increases annually based on the cost of living in the state.  How the cost of living adjustment is calculated every year based on the US Consumer Price Index.
What is the minimum wage in AZ for working overtime?
As is the case with federal law, once an employee works for than 40 hours a week, they are entitled to premium pay, better known as overtime.  The minimum wages in Arizona for employees are paid for time and a half at that point.
How does the federal minimum wage law affect minimum wage in AZ?
The reason for the initial jump in the minimum wages in Arizona was the Fair Labor Standards Act, which established the baseline of $7.25 as a national minimum wage law.  The FLSA does not apply to all employees, typically only employers that gross more than $500,000 annually engage in some interstate commerce.  All others will usually fall under the minimum wage in Arizona with a few exceptions for tipped employees and others.
Exemptions from the minimum wage in AZ
Students and others that work for the state or federal government are exempt from the federal minimum wage as well as minimum wages in Arizona.  Student workers might have other arrangement with universities that relate to their tuition and other compensation.  Tipped employee minimum wage in Arizona is $4.35, which is substantially higher than the federal minimum tipped employee wage.  As is the case will all tipped salaries, the employer makes up the difference between the tips and the state minimum wage.
Protections for minimum wage in AZ
The minimum wage in Arizona laws protect employers against wage discrimination and entitled them to a printed statement of the hours worked, paid and deductions.  No employee can be paid more or less based on race, age, national origin and gender.
There are certain authorized deductions that may be taken from paychecks and you will have to discuss this with the Department of Labor, if you believe that illegal deductions are being withheld.
Violations of minimum wage in Arizona
For employers that are not exempt from minimum wage in Arizona but still violate this law will be subject to fines and restitution to employees.  Civil action might also be an option if the county court or other jurisdiction opts not to pursue prosecution for labor violations.  Illegal deductions will also be investigated, as there are a limited number of deductions that are authorized to be collected from an employee, including penalties for law-breaking, child support and state unemployment insurance deductions.
Getting legal aid for violations of Minimum wage in AZ law
If you are paid under the minimum wage in AZ, you will be entitled to collect the proper balance of the pay for hours worked as well as other damages.  If you meet with a minimum wages in Arizona attorney, note the current wage, withholding agreement and possible overtime hours.  The combination of the wage, overtime provisions and legal withholding will constitute proper minimum wages in Arizona.  For violations of this standard, the employee will be entitled to work with the minimum wages in Arizona attorney to file complaints or litigation as necessary.



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