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Minimum Wage in Missouri

Minimum Wage in Missouri


What is the Minimum Wage in Missouri?

It’s important to know that a very up-to-date knowledge of the minimum wage in Missouri is crucial when considering a job offering ‘minimum wage.’

Why? Because minimum wages in Missouri vary every year. So keep a good eye on those minimum wages in Missouri. Do the right research. Know what to expect when it comes to minimum wage in MO.

The Now on Minimum Wage in Missouri

According to the state – as of October 21 of 2011 – the minimum wage in MO was set to be $7.25 per hour for 2012. The same minimum wage in MO of 2011, actually.

So notice that the minimum wage in MO does at times stay the same.

But There Are Specifics About Minimum Wage in Missouri and the Laws Governing It

Understand, though, that since possibly the law of minimum wages in Missouri was established, the common law for employers specifically within the retail and service businesses achieving an annual gross income of more than $500,000 must adhere to the law of minimum wage.

In other words, don’t be surprised if you ended up with a little part-time job for less than $7.25 an hour; because it just might be that the employer has not established a gross income of at least $500,000 a year. By law, any employer can pay employees any wage, even one dollar an hour so long as the business doesn’t meet that bracket of income.

The History of Minimum Wage in Missouri

That’s not how it always has been, though, in the state of Missouri, mind you. Minimum wage in MO has fluctuated from time to time, pretty wildly, actually.

If you were to check with the statistics and records, you’d notice that in the year of 2006, the minimum wages in Missouri was just under $5.15 an hour. Since then, though, the minimum wages in Missouri has climbed right up to that established $7.25 per hour these past two years.

Why Would Minimum Wage in Missouri Climb or Fall?

The honest truth is that it all depends on the economy. Countless states pass bills regarding minimum wage; and at a certain time of every year, the issue of minimum wage is constantly revisited and decided on whether it’ll fall or rise.

Sometimes the issue may be federal, pursued by the President himself/herself – but most of the time states have power over how the minimum wage is considered. Recognize that.

Whatever the minimum wage in Missouri is, it may be completely different than, say, in Illinois, or Michigan, or New York. In other words, don’t be surprised when you hear of residents in other states working the exact same type of jobs for either less or more, depending on the state.

It’s normal.

Bottom Line of Minimum Wage?

The laws vary from state to state, so no employee should be surprised if by chance the laws will be different in Missouri. It’s important to always stay well-informed of the laws, especially since the minimum wage laws in any state do change from time to time.

Always check with the statutes every year whether or not you’re moving. For those thinking of moving to Missouri, or those already living in Missouri, consult with a qualified labor attorney for more answers to what you need to know about the employment laws regarding minimum wage.