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Indiana Unemployment Benefits

Indiana Unemployment Benefits


Which agency in the Indiana state government deals with Indiana unemployment benefit?

The Department of Workforce Development will work with you to establish unemployment and collect Indiana unemployment benefits.  You will need to meet certain conditions for eligibility and the Indiana unemployment benefits are limited to specific term.

How do I file for IN unemployment benefits?

You will use the Uplink Claimant Self Service System to file for Indiana unemployment benefits.  This will help you determine the amount of benefits you will receive as well as determine your eligibility for these benefits.  You will need to register with the Uplink and if you forget you password, you will need to enter your social security number, date of birth and answer a security questions.  This is an exceptionally secured service and is the fastest way to secure Indiana unemployment benefits.  Alternatively, you may go to any WorkOne Center to file for unemployment benefits with assistance.

How long does it take to secure IN unemployment benefits?

You will need to wait at least 21 days before contacting the DWD about your claim.  Usually, by then, you will have received necessary forms and other materials that are necessary to disbursing Indiana unemployment benefits.  In Indiana, unemployment benefits are disbursed via debit cards and are linked to an online personal banking account   The debit card can be used at ATMs as well as pursing as one would with a typical debit card.  There is a one week waiting period for Indiana unemployment benefits and after that, payments will be disbursed to the beneficiary.  

What other IN unemployment benefits are available?

There are a number of other Indiana unemployment benefit provided by the DWD, including a career building website.  This website, IndianaCareerConnect.com will match your skills to job openings, inform you on job opening and other tools to determine the right career for you when you have to collect Indiana unemployment benefits.

What are the conditions to receive Indiana unemployment benefits?

There are a few requires to collect Indiana unemployment benefits.  Out of work and part-time must demonstrate that that did not lose their current job due to their own actions, that they are able to and actively seeking full time employment and that the periods used to determine your benefits consist of four of the past five business quarters to be eligible for IN unemployment benefits.  There are other eligibility conditions attached for IN unemployment benefits, including limitations on base period wages and the wage credits you must have in the last six months applied to the Indiana unemployment benefits.

How long can I claim IN unemployment benefits?

There is range on the amount and length of time that you can claim Indiana unemployment benefits.  This ranges from a period of 8 – 26 weeks and benefit amounts ranging from $50 – $390, which might also be modified with additional funds from federal credits and stimulus.  You will check with the unemployment office in your county to determine if you are eligible for such IN unemployment benefits.

What do I do with Indiana unemployment benefit?

You are expected to use the Indiana unemployment benefit to get job training, support yourself, or even go to school, with the Indiana unemployment benefit as supplemental income to a loan or other “good debt.”  Though there are no specific limitations on Indiana unemployment benefit, you generally will need to look for a job in the interim while collecting the Indiana unemployment benefit.  If possible, contact job help centers, as there are ways to supplement your Indiana unemployment benefit and some Indiana unemployment benefit is not cancelled during paid training and a few other limited circumstances.