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 Post Office Locator

Using a Post Office Locator

A post office locator is very convenient to help find a local post office. While the most convenient post office locator can be found online through various shipping companies, a phone book or a local town hall can serve as a good post office locator.
Here are the services that can be searched for through the United States Postal Service post office locator based on either a street and city or by zip code:
Post Office locations
Alternative locations to purchase stamps
Automated postal centers
Passport application services
Collection boxes
Collection boxes for express mail
Post office boxes online
The United States Postal Service also provides a post office locator on their website for:
U.S. Postal Inspection Service officer locater
District Business Mail Entry Locator
Address Management System Office Locator
Business Service Network Locator
Using this requires either a zip code or a city and state.
While a post office locator is most often applied to finding a branch of the United States Postal Service, other shipping services can provide their equivalent to a post office locator.
FedEx provides a locator based off of a zip code, address, city and state, or phone number to find the nearest locations. These locations include:
FedEx Office
FedEx staffed
FedEx Authorized Ship Center
FedEx Self Service
UPS has a locator based off of a country, address, city, state or zip code to find the nearest locations. These locations include:
UPS Store
UPS Drop box
USP Customer Center
USP Authorized Shipping Center
UPS Alliance Location