Minimum Wage in Tennessee

Minimum Wage in Tennessee

Minimum Wage in Tennessee
The minimum wage in Tennessee is $7.25 and this is the same as the federal standard set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.  There are some exemptions to the law for those that work for tips, are full time students employed by a school and minors.  There are also provisions for overtime work and training wages.  Minimum wage in Tennessee follows most federal standards and most complaints about unpaid wages can be made either directly to the State Attorney General or to the Department of Labor.
What is the minimum wage in TN for working overtime?
Like the federal law, once an employee exceeds 40 hours in a workweek, they are entitled to time and a half in wages.  There are the same exemptions for certain classes of employees, including professionals, salespersons and some domestic servants.  Minimum wage in Tennessee for overtime does not vary substantially with the federal standards for over time.
Do minimum wages in Tennessee follow the federal level for overtime pay?
No, the FSLA is a guideline and also covers all employees who do not fall under the jurisdiction of state minimum wages in Tennessee law, for whatever reason.  The minimum wage in Tennessee follows the federal standard, though there is no obligation on the part of the state to set the minimum wage in Tennessee at $7.25.
Exemptions from the minimum wage in TN
Minimum wages in Tennessee do not apply to universities, meaning that students can be paid less for working, generally with other benefits, such as tuition reimbursement.  Neither federal nor minimum wages in Tennessee laws apply here.  Those employees that work for tips are excluded from the minimum wages in Tennessee law to some extent in that a part of their salary is not paid by the employer.
Tipped minimum wage in TN
The tipped minimum wage stands at $2.13 an hour.  Note that tipped workers must earn at least the minimum wage in Tennessee ($7.25) for every hour they work or the employer will have to make up the difference to ensure they are paid appropriately
Student minimum wage in TN
The student minimum wage is currently at $6.16 an hour and this applies to full time high school students and college students that work part time.  For part time college students, they are paid at this minimum wage in TN for up to 20 hours of work a week.  Additionally, there is a special training wage for those under 20 years old.  The training minimum wage in Tennessee is $4.25, which can be paid for the first 90 days of employment before the employee must receive minimum wages in Tennessee.
What do I do when I am not paid the minimum wage in TN I deserve?
Generally, you will make complaints of this nature about minimum wages in Tennessee violations to the state Attorney General as they will usually have the necessary jurisdiction.  In larger counties, the local prosecution might handle the matter.  Certain professions will be covered by federal law instead of minimum wage in TN law and those labor violations are subject to DoL enforcement.







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