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Texas Board of Elections

Texas Board of Elections

Texas Board of Elections

The Texas Board of Elections, like the many other Board of Elections, seeks to educate the public as to how to vote. First, they provide information on how to register and then they provide information on the actual voting process. That information will include voting locations, as well as how an individuals may vote via absentee ballot. The Texas Board of Elections will never indicate who an individual should vote for.

The Texas Board of Elections provides a variety for services to the public, including voters and those running for office. In fact, they have a special program aimed at those in school. The Texas Board of Elections will go to schools, in order to educate students about the importance of voting in such campaigns as those in Dallas County elections.

During these visits, employees of the Texas Board of Elections will help students over the age of eighteen to register to vote in applicable elections. They will also explain the voting process and the importance of voting. For example, they may list elections in which one single vote determined the outcome of the election, especially if their were local elections where that occurred, such as Dallas County elections.

The programs give students a sense of empowerment. By having employees of the Texas Board of Elections explain the importance of each individual vote, they also help the students to learn about the political process in the country.

The Texas Board of Elections provides many other services as well, but they currently have a focus on increasing voter turnout in the state.






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