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US Census Bureau Explained

US Census Bureau Explained

The US Census Bureau is responsible for the task of determining how many people are resident in the United States once every decade. The functions of the Census Bureau are thus used for making a broad array of various kinds of determinations relevant to the U.S. government, including how to assign Congressional districts and accordingly seats of representation in the national legislature, electoral representation, and the burdens and responsibilities faced by the country in providing for its population.
The US Census Bureau has existed in some forms, in terms of whichever part of the government is tasked with carrying out the census, since 1790. In all, the Census Bureau, or whichever other part of the government was given the responsibility, has provided for 22 individual censuses over the course of U.S. history.
The Census Bureau Home Page can be referred to for questions and concerns as may arise from such various issues as employment opportunities with the Census Bureau as well as the legal repercussions of US Census Bureau functions. One aspect of the Census Bureau which may be noted, and further elucidated on the Census Bureau Home Page, is the official US Census Bureau practice of attending to actual, rather than legal, residence.
People accordingly interested in this or in any other matter arising from the US Census Bureau and its place in the United States may thus choose to refer to the Census Bureau Home Page at www.census.gov.  The Census Bureau carried out a survey in 2010 and plans another for 2020.



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