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PA Civil Service

The Pennsylvania civil service jobs and careers are all governed by the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission.  The PA Civil Service Commission basis all its hires into the civil service on the merit system, which applies for the state's thirty seven agencies. Currently, there are over 57,000 employees in the PA civil service system.
This does not include nearly 10,000 more employees that comprise the Pennsylvania civil service system at the regional and local offices. The PA Civil Service Commission is also in charge of aspects that revolve around civil service, from the adopting and modifying of rules, regulations, and statutes, to the administration of the civil service tests for the state. 
Obtaining a job in the Pennsylvania civil service entails applying for a position and signing up to take one of the civil service tests. All civil service tests will prove to be different, for they are based in accordance to the specific job or position that is available. However, there will be certain aspects of the tests that will prove to be similar.
Generally speaking, the written portion of all civil service tests will contain questions in regard to general academic skills and general knowledge. On the other hand, all tests will also contain job specific questions for the purpose of evaluating the applicants skill set and knowledge of a position. 



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