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New Jersey Senators At A Glance

New Jersey Senators At A Glance

  • Residents of New Jersey are given the authority to elect New Jersey Senators, who will represent the interests of the state in the United States Senate. Currently, the two NJ Senators representing the state of New Jersey are Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Frank Lautenberg. In general, New Jersey is a Democratic state and many residents of this state possess liberal view points on important issues. As a result, both current NJ Senators are members of the Democratic Party. These Senators have been elected to address the issues and concerns facing the state of New Jersey. Like many states, New Jersey is facing some serious problems, including soaring unemployment rates and high poverty rates. The school systems within a number of New Jersey communities are inadequate. When considering proposed federal legislation, Senator Menendez and Senator Lautenberg must consider how the legislation will impact the state of New Jersey. They must also voice the concerns and opinions of New Jersey residents in Senate debates and Senate votes. 

  • Both Senator Menendez and Senator Lautenberg have served multiple terms with the United States Senate. Senator Lautenberg is a particularly influential member of the U.S. Senate, as he is the oldest Senator currently serving on this government body and has served many terms as a U.S. Senator. Both NJ Senators maintain relatively liberal ideas and views, though Senator Lautenberg is known to be slightly more liberal than Senator Menendez. Together, these Senators function to protect the state of New Jersey and improve it in any way possible.



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