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Revising A Policy At A Glance

Revising A Policy At A GlanceRevising a policy is not a function which is allowed for by the Office of Legal Policy. This government agency is a U.S. Department of Justice division. Rather than revised policy processing, the agency primarily acts toward the goal of, as the agency’s official mission statement phrases it, “development and coordination of Departmental policy.”

A typical action taken by the Office of Legal Policy will not take the form of revising a policy, per se, but rather of consulting the Attorney General and other offices within the Justice Department on various matters and issues which arise in the course of implementing U.S. federal law. During the 1990s, the Office of Legal Policy was known instead as the Office of Policy Development, but then-Attorney General John Ashcroft restored the agency’s original name in 2001, along with a reaffirmation of its governmental functions, which do not include accepting revised policy submissions.



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