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Election of 1864

Election of 1864

The election of 1864 came as the Civil war continued. President Lincoln ran against the former Civil War General, George McClellan. The American Presidential election was filled with controversy about the Civil war and McClellan was known as the peace candidate. In contrast, Lincoln became President as the Civil War began.

The country was divided and many still believed in what Lincoln was fighting for. Lincoln did not want slavery to expand across the United States and he did not want a divided country. The divisions between ideas included conflicts between family members. In fact, family members were sometimes split and fighting on different sides during the war. In fact, a new political party emerged during the conflict. The National Union party was formed by war democrats.

As the Civil war raged,the American Presidential election excluded those states that were considered Confederate States. President Lincoln won the Election of 1864 by more than four hundred thousand popular votes. It was the first time that a President was re-elected since 1832. The country's faith in Lincoln was strong and many believed that he could bring about the desired change.

This American Presidential election was the fist time in which serving soldiers were able to cast ballots. In fact, the army gave Lincoln over seventy percent of their votes. Less than two months after Lincoln's inauguration, he was assassinated.