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Prop 8 vote Explained

Prop 8 vote Explained
Prop 8, or Proposition 8 was an amendment that was proposed in the State of California, as a formal change to their Constitution. The idea behind Prop 8 was to restructure the Constitution and regulate that only men and women would be allowed to get married in the state of California, essentially repealing the legality of gay marriage.

In 2008 the state of California had prop 8 introduced; this was controversial topic that was taken to federal court, in order to get it removed from the November ballot that it was on. When this did not happen, it became about finding the vote for prop 8 or the vote to deny this proposition. Groups mobilized and organized in order to voice their opinions of prop 8. However, the only important aspect would come in the prop 8 vote. This is where the proposition could be voted through or overturned.

The prop 8 vote results were eagerly anticipated by California citizens, as well as the rest of the United States. The vote had resulted in a majority for prop 8 2008. This meant that it was allowed to go into affect, and gay marriage was not legal any longer in the state of California. However, in the year 2010, Prop 8 vote was taken back to court and re-examined. In August of 2010, prop 8 was repealed for an extent of time. Overall, the prop 8 vote caused much interest for the entirety of the State of California, and subsequently the entirety of the nation.



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