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Humana Medicare Overview

Humana Medicare Overview


Humana medicare is just one of the many options available through various Medicare providers. Individuals that wish to take advantage of the benefits offered through medicare advantage programs, may wish to select Humana Medicare advantage, as it offers many of the same options  available through other providers.

Humans Medicare advantage may offer Medicare beneficiaries addition Medicare coverage, such as dental coverage. Traditional Medicare does not offer dental coverage. The Humana Medicare plans may offer individuals the opportunity to take advantage of preventative dental care, as well as advanced Dental treatments.

Humana Medicare plans may also cover the co-payments for traditional Medicare benefits, such as Medicare part B, which covers doctors visits. In most cases, Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for a co-payments for doctors visits, as well as some medical tests which the doctor orders. However, those that take advantage of Humana Medicare advantage plans, may not be responsible for those co-payments.

Humana Medicare plans may also offer prescription coverage, which may include full coverage for some prescription medications. Those that select prescription coverage options, should first check the list provided, to be sure that their current medications are covered. In some cases, the plans may only cover the generic version of prescription medications and in others, they will require a co-payment for name brand medications.Each Medicare provider may have differing coverage, including amounts of co-payments and deductibles, as well as maximum benefits.