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What Are The Types of Medicare Providers

What Are The Types of Medicare Providers

Medicare providers background
Medicare providers must adhere to Federal regulations which govern Medicare.However,each Medicare provider may offer different types of options. For example, some providers may offer prescription, vision or dental coverage through  Medicare advantage plans, while others may offer the basic options, with  additional coverage, making the beneficiaries responsible for lower deductibles and co-payments.

Humana medicare

Humana Medicare may offer additional coverage for those that receive traditional Medicare benefits. For example, beneficiaries may receive dental coverage. That coverage could include preventative dental care, such as teeth cleaning, as well as dental treatments for cavities and other dental problems.

Aetna medicare
Aetna Medicare allows Medicare beneficiaries to take advantage of additional coverage. For those that have ongoing medical problems, the cost associated with deductibles  and co-payments for medical treatments, can be cost prohibitive. However, enrolling in Medicare advantage programs can save individuals money, even though there is a monthly fee required to receive these additional benefits.

AARP medicare

AARP Medicare supplement options are offered in concert with insurance companies. Although AARP does not have its own insurance company, they work with insurance companies to offer options such as med-gap coverage, which helps to defray the cost of deductibles and co-payments. They also offer supplemental coverage for vision, dental and prescription medications.

Cigna medicare
Cigna Medicare offers Medicare beneficiaries the option to purchase additional coverage through various insurance companies. In fact, Cigna merely provides the administrative services for those companies. The additional options may include dental coverage, medical coverage and vision coverage, each of which requires a monthly premium.

Medicare HMO
Medicare HMOs are a form of health insurance, which dictates where and when a patient may receive treatment. There are lists if doctors that will be covered by the HMO, as well as specific prescriptions. Those that wish to see doctors outside of the HMO network, will likely be responsible for the full cost of that visit.