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New Mexico Disability Benefits

New Mexico Disability Benefits


Quick Guide to New Mexico Disability

New Mexico’s Disability Insurance

The majority of claims for New Mexico’s disability benefits get processed through federal social security, and this article will discuss procedures an injured worker can take to file for SSDI or SSI.  New Mexico disability is also offered by the state for short term and long term, and information about these NM disability benefits is offered in the following link

For more information on filing New Mexico disability through social security, visit the following website

Common Types of Fraud in New Mexico Disability  

There are generally three types of common fraud associated with New Mexico’s disability.  These common types of fraud schemes are listed below: 

1. Faking an injury or illness- This is the most common type of fraud in NM disability.  It is easy to fake an injury or illness, and even with the help of professional medical testimony, the fact that a worker might be faking an injury for NM disability is often hard to detect. 

2. Working while on disability- In New Mexico, many people are caught working while still receiving New Mexico disability. They may work under the table or even do the same job they were doing before, and although a person may work while receiving payments, they can’t work more than a specified amount of hours or outside of a specified job while receiving NM disability. 

3. Collecting New Mexico’s disability after healed- this type of fraud is normally easily detectable, but many people will try to receive payments after they have been cleared.  

Types of New Mexico’s Disability Benefits

Generally, there two types of New Mexico disability offered to citizens under federal social security.  An employer may carry workers’ compensation insurance, but employees are still entitled to the following NM disability benefits under social security in most cases:

1. Social Security Disability Insurance- In order to receive this type of New Mexico disability, you must sustain an injury that may inhibit you or greatly reduce the amount of hours you can work in a whole year.  You will receive monthly payments for NM disability that are contingent on your prior salary and work history.  If your benefits from New Mexico’s disability are more than $25,000 a year, you will have to pay federal income taxes on these payments.  

2. Supplemental Security Income- a person can also receive SSI benefits along with SSDI benefits.  In order to receive these NM disability benefits, the party must fall below federal poverty levels, and they will be able to receive help with food stamps, transportation, housecleaning, and other programs as well.

How do I Apply for New Mexico Disability?

In order to file for New Mexico disability, you’ll have to locate the local social security office in your part of the state.  You can find a local office for New Mexico’s disability with the link provided

After you are sure you qualify for New Mexico’s disability through social security, you can fill out the online Disability Benefit Application and online Disability Report.  You’ll also have to fill out the Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration form for NM disability and take or mail the completed form to your local social security office.  

All of the forms for New Mexico disability listed in this section can be found at the following link.