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Minimum Wage in Utah

Minimum Wage in Utah

Quick Guide to Minimum Wage in UT 

Minimum Wage in Utah

There are multiple state and federal laws that apply to employees and minimum wages in Utah.  This article will discuss the different minimum wages in Utah according to state code and information under the state’s Labor Commission.  For more information about minimum wages in Utah and procedure, visit the link provided.

What is the Current Minimum Wage in Utah?

The current minimum wage in Utah is the same as the federal minimum wage: $7.25 per hour.  The minimum wage in UT is quite different for tipped employees.  If an employee makes $30 per month or more in tips, the employer can pay an employee a minimum wage in UT2.13 per hour.  However, if you work under the tipped minimum wage in UT but make less than minimum wages in Utah during a certain week, the employer is required to pay the difference.  

Can an Employer pay a smaller minimum wage in Utah for training employees?

If an employee has worked 90 days or less, an employer may pay a minimum wage in Utah of $4.25 per hour.  This type of minimum wage in Utah is the same as federal “training wage,” and if an employee has quit and then decided to return to work, the 90-day training wage does not start over again.  

What Employees are Exempt from Laws for Minimum Wages in Utah?

Certain employers are exempt from paying minimum wage in UT.  §34-4-104 of the state code provides exemptions for certain employees, and these exemptions are listed below:

• any employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act is exempt from minimum wages in Utah and other laws

• outside sales persons

• family employee

• companionship services

• casual and domestic employees are exempt from laws for minimum wage in UT unless the Commission states otherwise

• seasonal employees of nonprofit camping, religious, or nonprofit educational or charitable organizations under the Charitable Solicitations Act are exempt from laws for minimum wages in Utah

• anyone employed by the United States of America

• any prisoner employed in the penal system is exempt from laws for minimum wage in Utah

• most employees in agriculture 

• registered apprentices or students are usually exempt from laws for minimum wage in Utah

• certain disabilities disqualify an individual for the set minimum wage in UT

If you believe an employer has paid you an unfair minimum wage in UT, employees are first encouraged to try and settle the dispute with their employer.  If the dispute is not resolved, refer to the following section.  

Filing a Wage Claim for Minimum Wages in Utah

If you believe you have been denied minimum wage in Utah, you should regard the link

You will find a link for the wage claim for itself, and you can also reference the following link for instructions on filing the wage claim.