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Voting Quick Overview

Voting Quick Overview


Voting is a system in which individuals and officials are able to make formal decisions regarding political power and governmental acts. 

Voting Background

Voting is a method of decision making that is done through the use of formal ballots being taken in order to define a clear winner of a bill, group, or a candidate. 

Swing Vote

The swing vote is one of the most important votes that a candidate can get during an election. This vote comes from a person or group that is either not affiliated with a party, or is affiliated with a party, but chooses to vote for the other candidate. This type of vote is often indicative of the outcome of the election. 

Rock the Vote

Rock the vote is an organization that is devoted to educating and sparking interest in young voters, in order to build up the voter numbers during elections. 

Senate Vote

The senate is one of the bodies of congress, and it often sees a number of different bills and issues that are brought to the floor. A senator’s vote is supposed to reflect his or her constituency.

Congress Votes Database

Congress votes database is a website that is devoted to compiling and housing all of the votes that have passed through congress and is accessible to the American public. 

Popular Vote vs. Electoral Vote

The popular vote is the vote of the American public. The electoral vote is a vote that is done by elected officials, and is the vote which formally picks the President and Vice President.

Popular Vote

The popular vote is the other portion of the overall voting for the President and Vice President. This was established in the Constitution, in order to give the American public power to vote. 

Prop 8 Vote

The Prop 8 vote was a vote that was passed in 2008, in order to ban gay marriage in the state of California. In 2010, Prop 8 was brought back up in legislature, for repeal. 

Bailout Vote

The Bailout bill was a proposition that was brought to Congress. This bailout was for $26.1 Billion and would be used to stimulate the economy and help the nation during the struggle of the economic collapse. When it came to the floor of the Senate, the senate voted to pass this bill. 

Voting systems

Voting systems are particular types of systems used for various voting needs. Systems like early voting and single transferable voting, are often common methods. 

Instant Runoff Voting

Instant Runoff voting is a preferential system in which candidates are ranked and the top candidates move on to a next round of voting until there is a clear winner.

Electoral Votes 2008

The electoral votes of 2008 were the votes of the electoral college body; these voters were the individuals who elected the President by a majority. 

Voting Booth 

A voting booth is a private booth in which voters are allowed to enter in order to make their ballot selection in secret. Sometimes there is a voting machine within the booth to make the choice electronically. 

Voting Records

Voting records are records kept by the state or by the nation. This is a way in which the government keeps track of the votes that have been done, and how politicians have voted in the past.