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An advanced poll, also known as early voting, refers to the process by which people can place their votes prior to the date of actual election. An advanced poll can be done through various methods, though the overall purpose for an advanced poll is to allow people for another option when it comes to voting.

It is believed that an advanced poll can actually increase the participation of the general public in voting for it will reduce the period of time in which people will have to wait in line at polling locations. Furthermore, an advanced poll is also an option for individuals that simply will not be able to vote on the particular date of the election.

This can include just about anyone who will not be in the jurisdiction of their designated polling location, which also includes people that are involving working at the polling locations themselves. Campaign workers and individuals manning the polls will be giving the option of an advanced poll. 

In the United States, an advanced poll will usually be conducted between four to five days prior to the actual Election Day. However, there are some regulations in regards to an advanced poll, which will vary from state to state. The most common type of advanced poll may the absentee ballot, in which voters cast their votes by way of mail prior to Election Day.