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Minimum Wage in Indiana

Minimum Wage in Indiana


The minimum wage in Indiana is $7.25 an hour.  This is accurate as of January 1, 2012 and became effective as of July 24, 2009.  This is an increase from $6.55 an hour and is consistent with the federal minimum wage law.

What is the training wage for Indiana?

Employees under the age of 20 and undergoing training are not subject to the typical minimum wage in Indiana.  These employees must be paid no less than $4.25 an hour and this will only be applicable for the first 90 days that the employee works for the employer.  After that, the minimum wage in Indiana is in effect and the employer is obligated to pay on those obligations.

What are the conditions for overtime pay?

According to minimum wage in Indiana law, once an employee works 40 hours a week, they are eligible for overtime compensation, which is 1.5 times the hourly rate.

Minimum wage in Indiana law or federal law?

The standards for pay and overtime are consistent between both sets of laws and are not mutually exclusive.  When an employee is not covered by minimum wage in Indiana, the federal law will cover that employee.  The federal minimum wage law is the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employees working for tips

Minimum wage in Indiana states that employees that work for tips must be paid at least $2.13 an hour.  If the amount of tips does not equal the minimum wage, then the employer is responsible for difference and must make it up accordingly to avoid employment law violations.

Wage discrimination

Minimum wage in Indiana law prohibits deductions and discriminatory wages paid to those on the basis of sex.  All employees are entitled to a statement of the hours they work, the wages paid and the appropriate deductions made for income withholding, benefits and other arrangements.  Those that violate this and other provisions will be subject to civil and criminal penalties, as well as possible federal investigation.


Those that violate the minimum wage in Indiana will be punished accordingly.  The federal Department of Labor will also investigate these cases and impose fines will ordering restitution and back pay to be paid to employees.  Other workplace violations can also be potentially investigated by state and federal authorities as well as the Attorney General’s Office.

Legal action 

Attorneys for minimum wage in Indiana can help employees file litigation against employers for violations of state and federal law.  This might be in addition to enforcement actions taken by the government.  The employee will sue for damages, lost benefits and pay including illegal withholding.  Clients of these attorneys will pay nothing until damages are won on their behalf and this is called a contingency agreement.

What is the current Minimum wage in IN?

The current minimum wage in IN is $7.25 an hour, as of 1/1/12.  This has been the set minimum wage in IN since July 2009 and meets the federal standard for minimum wage, matched by minimum wages in Indiana.

What are the exceptions to minimum wage in IN?

There are a few exceptions to the minimum wage in IN law.  The most prominent is the training wage which is a merely $4.25 an hour.  Note that this applies to employees under the age of 20 only.  For these workers, their minimum wages in Indiana are at that level for up to the first 90 days working with that employer.  Regardless of wage, after that 90 day period is over, employees must be paid the minimum wage in IN.  Employers that pay under the minimum wages in Indiana are in violation of the law and this will entitle the employee to back pay and other compensation.

There is also a minor exemption for those that work for tips.  They are also covered my minimum wages in Indiana laws, but can be paid only $2.13 as long as the difference between their tip earnings and the minimum wage is covered by the establishment.  Technically works that work for tips are still covered and will earn the minimum ages in Indiana, at the very least.  

What is the minimum wage in IN related to overtime pay?

Any time an employee works over 40 hours in a week, they are entitled to the minimum wages in Indiana of 1.5 their hourly rate.  Failure to pay for overtime work will also have the employer on the hook for back pay and legal liability for damages.

Coverage by federal law

If there are limitations in the minimum wage in IN, federal law is expansive and will cover employees not covered by minimum wages in Indiana.  Since the federal minimum wage is the same as minimum wage in IN, then it does not matter if one is paid at minimum wages in Indiana or under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Other provisions of minimum wage in IN

All employees must be paid the same wage for the same work and qualifications.  Failure to do so is wage discrimination.  Additionally, as employees, those that work for minimum wages in Indiana or otherwise are entitled to a statement of hours worked, withholding and other deductions from the employer.  Failure to produce this statement and note the deductions made will be against minimum wage in IN and subject the employer to civil liability and criminal investigation.

Fines and other legal action 

Those that are not paid their rightful minimum wages in Indiana will be entitled to collect damages from the employer.  These will include back pay.  The employer might also face fines and investigation depending on the size of the operation and nature of the offense.