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2006 Census

2006 Census

The 2006 Census was carried out for the population of the country of Canada. As such, Census 2006 proceedings took place specifically on May 16 of that year. After the 2006 census, the next detailed collection of information related to the country’s population will be in the 2011 period.
According to the results of the 2006 census and the documents which it gathered, the country’s population at the time, and as far as will be definitely known until the point of the 2011 Census, was 31,612,897. Upon their final tabulation, these numbers proved somewhat surprising to the local authorities, who had previously estimated the country’s overall population to be, rather, around 32,623,490 residents in all.
In addition to the total number of people who were eventually determined to have passed through the procedure, the Census 2006 procedure was further determined to have included a number excluding 12.7 individual households respondent to the survey. The initial documents through which the 2006 Census was carried out were distributed throughout the nation through the offices of Canada Post.
In addition to these physical Census 2006 forms, the procedures surrounding the 2006 census set a precedent in the availability of online questionnaires as means through which the census questions could be asked and answered. Moreover, some Census 2006 questions were new as items of interest for the government, including such matters as the level of educational accomplishment of respondents, their average income through employment or government-provided benefits, and whether or not they consented to the individual 2006 Census record being made available one day.



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