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1976 Presidential Election

1976 Presidential Election

The 1976 presidential election was immediately following the resignation of President Nixon. In fact, some of the 1976 presidential election issues surrounded the Watergate scandal. Former president Gerald Ford was running against Jimmy Carter.
One of the 1976 election issues surrounded the pardon of Nixon by Ford. In addition, the state of the economy altered the countries perception of Ford and he lost popularity among the voters. However, Ford has gained some of his popularity back through events which were celebrating the two hundred year anniversary of the country. In act, one of the best publicity stunts included the president presiding over a fireworks display which was seen on national television. They also held dinners with other important heads of state, including the Queen of England.
However, Jimmy Carter won popularity by claiming to be a man of the people that had not yet been tainted by politics as the former president had been. He made sure to bring up the fact the Nixon and Ford were connected to one another, as was indicated by the Presidential pardon for Nixon. The insinuation was that Ford could not be trusted by the American people.
Carter has a lead which continued to grow. The 1976 presidential election would be won by Carter,largely due to the fact that Americans no longer trusted Ford, especially because he refused to answer questions about his relationship with Nixon.



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