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Election of 1828

Election of 1828

The ballot for the election of 1828 included the same candidates as a previous election. The contest was between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. The two were in fact, the only major candidates on the ballot for the election of 1828.
The campaign for presidency included many rumors and a huge amount of mudslinging between the candidates. For Jackson, family matters were brought to light. It turned out that his marriage to his wife Rachel, had been conducted before she was actually divorced. As a result, the couple had to remarry to legitimize their relationship.
John Quincy Adams also had difficulties in the public eye. He was accused of giving an American servant to a Czar, while serving as Minister to Russia. In addition, he was accused of utilizing public monies to purchase gambling devices. However, the items purchased were actually a pool table and a chess set.
Although Andrew Jackson won many electoral votes, the election of 1828 was decided by the house of representatives, who made the determination that John Quincy Adams was president. However, there was great controversy when President John Quincy Adams appointed Clay as his Secretary of State, as a stepping stone the future presidency. In fact, the two were charged with  conspiracy by the public.



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