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Election of 1860

Election of 1860

The Presidential election of 1869 influenced the beginning of the Civil War, as it was clear the Lincoln did not hold the same beliefs as those in the south. There had been constant arguments about the rights each state was entitled to, including those states in slave territory.  The Election polls showed a great divide between the northern and southern states. As indicated by the election polls, Abraham was elected President with no support from the south.
President elect Lincoln, was aware that the controversy would continue. In fact, before he even entered office, President Elect  Lincoln became aware that some states wished to be seperated from the North. Only a month after being elected, Lincoln was made aware that South Carolina wanted to seperate from the other United States, but the request was denied.
The ground work for the Civil War had been laid down. In addition to slavery, there were other issues causing conflict between the states and the federal government. The economy, including tariffs, was included in the dispute.
The issues which were plaguing America, were causing great conflict between the states and even among family members. The country was in turmoil. The American Civil war began in 1861 and continued until 1865. President Lincoln was aware of the turmoil before taking office. However, he did not believe that slavery should be expanded to other states or that states should be separated.



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