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1984 Presidential Election

1984 Presidential Election

The 1984 presidential election included a race between Ronald Reagan and the democrat, former Vice President Walter Mondale. Reagan was enjoying popularity as the economy continued to recover. Mondale supported many liberal ideas.

For example, he was opposed to nuclear weapons being produced or obtained. He also supported  the equal rights amendment and was opposed to many of Reagan's financial ideas, as he thought they were unfair to many Americans. Reagan was now one of the oldest presidents to have served and there were questions about his ability to handle the immense stress associated with running the country.

In fact,he was found to have made several errors during important speeches,even referring to the wrong location. Yet, he said that he refused to make age a part of the debate and instead wished to focus on the experience he had running the country.Reagan remained popular and continued to make many popular public appearances.
Ronald Reagan won 49 of the fifty states, which was only the second time it had happened in the history of the United States. Richard Nixon was the first President to do so. In fact, Reagan won five hundred and twenty five electoral votes, which is the highest of any President. However, Mondale won forty percent of the popular vote, with Reagan winning approximately forty nine percent, making the race for popular vote very close. 



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