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1992 Presidential Election

1992 Presidential Election

The 1992 presidential election was based on several key issues. Public perception was that Bush had broken many promises to the public, including the fact that he raised taxes after promising that he would not. The other candidates in the race were Ross Perot, an independent and Bill Clinton, a democrat.

There was a recession in the United States and people were looking for a candidate that could bring the economy back to where it had been. The recession meant many people lost their jobs and most of the country was struggling financially. Many people blamed the problem on Bush, in addition to remaining angry about his raise in taxes.

Despite the country being unhappy with some of Bushes policies, he still remained popular. Yet, Bill Clinton was doing well in election poll results testing. Despite the scandal that Clinton had been accused of an affair by Jennifer Flowers, his popularity remained after he appeared on television with his wife to deny the allegations.

The Election poll results at one point in the race, would have declared Perot, the independent candidate as the winner. However, Bush later appeared to clinch the lead and many thought that he would win the 1992 Presidential election. Perot dropped out, fearing that the race would be determined by the house of representatives, because the election poll results would be too close. President Bill Clinton was elected.